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Contact: Dr. Paula Harmon/Dr. Ana Everett

Hometown Doctor Returns to Help Local Community in Macon and Middle Georgia With New COVID-19 Testing Site
For Paula Harmon, MD., a pediatric otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon at Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat of Atlanta and Medical Director of Hearing Loss at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the mission to give back to her hometown of Macon and middle Georgia was always a plan it was just a question of when and how. Enter COVID-19. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic nearly 7 MILLION people in the US have tested positive for COVID-19. In Georgia, the lead public health agency DPH has reported more than 272,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and at least 5733 deaths.
On the front-lines, Dr. Harmon’s youngest patient was a 2-week-old fighting for her young life in the ICU. Dr. Harmon recalls that case hitting her hard, “these aren’t the stories being told on the news, but it’s this heart wrenching reality that we as physicians and hospital staff see too often and know inflicts the community.”
After a conversation with her longtime friend Ana Everett, PhD., CEO of SolutionsAe, an Atlanta based social entrepreneurial firm, recounting the frustrating experience of trying to get a COVID-19 test, Dr. Harmon, President and CEO of the medical company Top Dog Solutions knew how she would pay it forward in Macon and middle Georgia…Top Dog Solutions COVID-19 Testing Site. For decades, Dr. Harmon’s family has been intricately involved in numerous business, economic development, and community improvement projects. Together with Dr. Everett, Dr. Harmon wants to use Top Dog Solutions COVID-19 Testing Site to serve a strong social purpose.
Top Dog Solutions COVID-19 Testing Site is officially opened at the Le Piada Conference Center parking lot – 4295 Interstate Drive Macon, GA kicking off their KNOW YOUR COVID-19 STATUS campaign. To provide the greatest access to the community, the Top Dog COVID-19 Testing Site will run 7AM to 7PM, 7 days a week and remain a permanent site as long as there is a need in Macon and middle Georgia. Testing is free for the insured and uninsured but pre-registration is required at their booking site or . Tests will be processed by a private lab with results in  3-4 days. 

KNOW YOUR COVID-19 STATUS – get tested today at the Top Dog COVID-19 TESTING Site in Macon.